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Dress Rehearsals & Performances

After a school year of technique class, we feel that our students will enjoy participating in a dance theatre performance experience, which is another integral part of any performance art.  PLEASE NOTE, at this time we have decided to have an informal Winter Dance Performance showing of each classes's dances inside the dance studio.  Please stay tune for details, as this may be a per class time showing.  Due to our time frame, we want to make sure our first semester really allows time for review, introduction to new material, developmental exploration in each students' new dance level, technique, and creative discovery in choreography.  This first semester's process allows us to best prepare for the 2nd semester to prepare our performance dances.  We also plan to begin hosting Choreographer Showcases in the near future :)


Our Annual Spring Performance for 2020 will be announced in September 2020!  Stay tune for the date and time!  Spacing rehearsals will occur on the stage during class time on days when the stage is available.  This will require two dress rehearsals for a Tech Run, and another evening for Final Dress Run Through. 


After our Annual Spring Dance Performance, we will host a special celebration surprise in the back of the event/theatre hall of Highlands Community Campus for the entire crew of dancers with family & friends!

Parents are responsible for costume purchases for their child's performance.  

Students dancing in more than one dance may need to purchase one additional costume. However, we also have many costumes available to be long as we have the right fit for the students and dance.  Parents are not asked, if asked, to purchase more than two costumes in a year.  There will be a ticket sale for family, friends, and those in the public interested in seeing and supporting our dance performances.  Parents and siblings of dance students are given a comp ticket for our show :) You are welcome to invite guests. 


Please mark your calendars as soon as you receive notice on the show date, dress rehearsal and tech rehearsal.

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