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 Instructor & Choreographer

Madlen is a teacher and performer of Middle Eastern dance, based in Louisville, Kentucky. Madlen has always been drawn to movement: she began dancing ballet, tap, and jazz as a child, before moving on to gymnastics, figure skating, martial arts, horseback riding, yoga, and pilates. She began studying belly dance in college, and has since studied with a number of international dance artists, including Karim Nagi, Athena Najat, and Suhaila Salimpour. 


Madlen has performed throughout the region at galas, university events, private parties, restaurants, lounges, and festivals. She has been described as having “a quiet and strong style mesmerizing those who watch her.” She loves the improvisational nature of Middle Eastern dance and getting lost in live music. 


As a teacher, Madlen is intuitive and gentle, encouraging each dancer on their personal journey. Madlen’s classes are focused on building the muscles needed for dance, as well as exploring cultural context, introducing Arabic rhythms, and encouraging respect for the art form.