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Special Thanks since 2017

Thank you for your interest in being part of our dance school, events, socials, performances, and outreach history

A special thank you to my grand opening sponsors, & supporters through your services:

(All of you have helped in a variety of ways make our school come true)

Sally Baker Rothenburger (Artistic Director for Ballet Arts Studio, 1969-2017....AND Living Onward :)

Juliana Grossi, Artistic Director for Academy of Flamenco Arts (Our dance studio partner); & Juliana´s family!

The Teachers, Parents, & Students that allow Horizons Dance Theatre classes to come Alive

Mary Jane ("Sissy") Grote

Dr. Rebecca Martin

Diego M. Bucio Valencia

Bruno B. Bucio Grote

T.J. & Lana Durbin

Bill Durbin

Greg and Paula Livingston

Ulises Coffeen & Karina Bucio Valencia

Pat Connelly with Blue Moon Dance Company

Ann Drury

Ned Bass & Bass Properties

Cindy Adelberg

Mary Beth Rother with Highlands Community Campus

Chris Kelly & Kristi Rothenburger Kelly

Tony Benzick & Rebecca Rothenburger

Miriam Hamiliton

Iris Z. Boyer

Leslie Robinson-Smith

Kacey Frazier

George Parker, Jr.

Jon & Miranda Coole

Mark McReynolds

Gary Smith with State Farm

Staff at FedEx near Douglass Loop in the Highlands

William Brown & Keith's Hardware

Kevin Hudson with Handy Hands


Home Depot

Leo & Mary Fante with Fante's Coffee

Maria Whitley with Shine Studio

Horizons Dance Theatre's Grand Opening Year Dance Outreach & Wellness Program participants, inc. Masonic Home with Courtney Martin, St. Francis of Assisi After School with Fred Whitaker, Nativity Academy with Dr. Tami Harbolt,

Dawson Orman Education Center with Lindsey Cain, Highlands Community Ministries with Danah Smith,

Dreams With Wings with Carolyn Bunton,

Nazareth Clifton Nursing Home, and Treyton Oak Towers with Cristi Cobban

Jin Shin Jyutsu mentors, friends inc. Jeanne Marie Brennan, Kelly Mount, & David Burnmeister

Kinney's Dancewear

Catherine Robinson with H&R Block

Michaelle Warner

Keith Kaiser with WDRB

Squallis Puppeeters

Doo Wop Shop

Patrick Fitzgerald - Videographer

Patrick Hume - Music Tech

Elliot Turton - Sound Tech

Genevieve Price

Louisville Magazine

Today's Woman

Nicole Elyce Barnes with NEW Horizons Latin Dance Socials

Emily Flowers

Yuki Nakat

Zain Khandwala

Ambo Dance Theatre

The VILLE Casineras

Bourbon Tango

Amador Delatorre, III

Transformation Financial

5-0-Lou Small Batch Printing

Small Business Administration in Louisville, KY

Paul James Grote, Sr. 

Family, Friends, Local Companies: Thank you for your love and support

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