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Observing Classes

You are urged to visit your dancer’s class the last lesson of September, October, and December. There is no Visitor’s Day in November. Visiting grandparents are always welcome. Visitor’s day second semester is the week of February 11-16, 2019. This lesson is a special participation class for the parents and friends of the dancer.  

There are no Visitors’ Days in January due to taking time to get back into the school year after holiday break, nor March or April as we prepare for our show, and have Spring Break.

If Ms. Rachel is in town, she will offer classes over Spring be announced a month in advance.

Thank you for your participation to everyone who was part of our Grand Opening Year 2017-2018!  We are super thrilled to everyone who gets to be part of our 2018-2019 Dance School Year!  Thank you for your appreciation of all we love to offer at Horizons Dance Theatre :)

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