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Students may wear any color leotard (no separate tutus/skirts, please).


Pink ballet tights (no panty hose) and traditional pink ballet slippers with straps for girls, and black ballet slippers with straps for boys (no silk ballet slippers) are required. These may be purchased at Kinney’s Dance Wear, as well as Jazz, Tap, and Modern dance shoes.  Some ballet/tap/jazz supplies are also available at Payless and Target.

Regulation: leotards and tights are required for classes. Those students taking modern dance are required to purchase the reversible feet tights to use between ballet and modern dance classes.  Sweaters, shirts, sweatshirts and shorts are not acceptable dance wear.

Names should be placed in all dance wear.


All students are required to keep long hair away and up from the face, by a bun or pony tail, so one's hair doesn't get distracting & in one's face during class.  Buns are recommended for Ballet.

Dancers are to refrain from chewing gum.  No eating food in class.

Water bottles are recommended to be brought to class.  There is no water fountain!

POINTE SHOES – We request that our students wear pointe shoes fitted by an experienced person at Kinney’s Dancewear. Do not sew in ribbons and elastic until your pointe shoes have been checked by your teacher.

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