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Dance Etiquette

Manners For Dancers

Dancers show respect for themselves by:

     1.  being prompt for class (we understand though sometimes there are life challenges to this once in awhile)

     2.  being dressed properly for class, without jewelry other than small earrings, and with shoe strings either tucked in or tied in a knot and cut off.

     3.  having their hair up off the neck - for 7 year olds and up it must be in a bun.  For 6 year olds, a bun is preferred.

Dancers show respect for others by:

     1.  keeping their hands to themselves during class, self space respect (of course hugs before and after class are wonderful; and of course some dances require partners)

     2.  waiting quitley for others to have a turn

     3.  waiting until the music is finished before entering the classroom if they are too late to class

     4.  talking only during share time, or when given a turn by the instructor

Dancers show respect for their teacher and the art form they are learning by:

     1.  being properly dressed and ready for class on time

     2.  listening when the teacher speaks

     3.  when sitting on the floor, sitting criss- cross style with backs up for safety and respect to classmates

     4.  being prepared for their turn

     5.  always asking before leaving the room for any reason (safety first)

      6.  reverance and applauding their teacher & classmates at the end of class


Dancers show respect for the studio by:

     1.  leaving gum, food, drink outside; or putting trash in garbage can and recycling in recycling can inside or outside studio

     2.  never hanging on the barres

     3.  never running or doing gymnastics in the studio or waiting areas

     4.  putting away books and magazines when finished with them

Parents show respect for the dance class, teacher, and studio by:

     1.  knocking before entering the classroom if a class is in progress

     2.  giving notice to the teacher to pick up a student from class with legal permission to who is allowed to pick up your child

     3.  standing away from the viewing window only if it becomes obvious that students are being distracted

     4.  having students ready for class before entering the classroom

     5.  picking students up promptly after class

(we understand life struggles and emergencies can happen...please give possible immediate notice to teacher by phone if there is an emergency!)

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