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Director´s Secretary Intern Assistant

Faith Reinert

Faith Reinert is an undergraduate student at the University of Louisville and is on a physical therapy academic track.  She’s a Porter Scholar, participates in intramural sports, and is a member of the BSU. As a former student of Ms. Sally Baker Rothenburger’s: Ballet Arts Studio and Patty Medley’s Dance School, she has danced ever since she was in kindergarten, and hopes to continue dancing for years to come.  Her passion for Tap dance has been fostered and continues to advance from her training now with Ms. Kacey Frazier’s Rhythm Tap classes at Horizons Dance Theatre.  As she grows up, she dreams of giving back to the community with her artistic skills, traveling the world, and staying active.  


Graphic Designer

Karina Bucio

Karina Bucio Valencia is a Mexican graphic designer. Since Karina was a little girl, she was very interested in the sense of aesthetics and the combination of colors.  She studied graphic design at UAM-Xochimico.  She has worked in the area of Multimedia Design and Editorial Design as Head of Design. She currently works as a freelance graphic designer, making online graph design work.  She enjoys communicating with different people from different parts of the world.  She thinks that art and design is a universal language in which all disciplines converge.

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